Station 13

from by Radical Meek

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"Space Station 13: The most autistic thing on the internet." I could never play it myself, but it's the most entertaining thing to watch, moreso when you have a real-life carrot cruncher in control. Rupert Egan honks pitifully.

July 2014 Edit: Cheers to the people on SomethingAwful, Facepunch, Tumblr, etc that all said a lot of nice things about the track - I did this for cheap kicks because it was an awesome game, but I'm glad you guys liked it! Some daft bastard even paid money for the damn thing.


Dubbed assistant, but it's not for me
Club some heads in, steal ID
Through security, to steal a taser
Then storm the bridge for the captain's laser

Stunned and cuffed, something's wrong
Stripped and beated, dragged along
Bored of your shit, but the brig's destroyed
The crew eject you into the void

Chaos rules station 13
Gibbed3 awash with autistic teens
Shit filled server, every wall is brown
Plama burns the abused clown

Griefers disrupt the illogical system
HoP cries out for admin assistance
The shuttle is leaving and the traitor wins
But the cycle repeats, another round begins

Out of nowhere, missles fly
controlled chaos, all will die
I scream "ei nathh!" your flesh turns to ash
No one's prepared for WIZARD ATTACK.

You got too close, its over goon
Just one spell, now you're a clune
From ship's captain to demented fool
Its over now, the grinder calls

Desiccated, dried out corpse
I have your fluids, no remorse
Changling aboard, no escape
You can't find me hidden in space

Suspicious janitor, who's blood recoils
Changling spotted, disguise is foiled
It is surrounded, batons swing
Get away from the wretched thing

I am surrounded, I transform
Acid spitting horror form
Announce the change with a piercing shriek
I'll toxic sting all in my reach

Close quarters combat, redshirts down
Torn to pieces, in blood they're drowned
Assistance required in medical bay
You can't have my DNA!

Hidden in the science quarters
Supplies recieved through the transporter
Plasma tanks and lots of air
A volatile plan has been prepared

Charges primed and set to blow
I will make the station glow
The spinning chairs can spread no warning
All will join the ghosts by morning

Suprises hidden throughout the base
The bombs are hidden and the marks effaced
Security outsmarted by a small distraction
I, the traitor, will soon take action

Accosted by a lone white knight
Quickly calls others to fight
Detonator help up high
"Walk away or all will die"


from Radical Meek EP, released September 13, 2013
Dan Egan - all instruments and vocals
Rupert Egan - most lyrics



all rights reserved


Radical Meek Leicestershire, UK

Radical Meek is a one man death metal project from Leicester, by Dan Egan.

For psychedelic rock, check out his band Aurigae, also on Bandcamp.

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