Radical Meek EP

by Radical Meek

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The first 'real' product I've released, rather than just individual tracks. Had great fun writing and recording it, even if working alone is fucking tedious, but I got a lot better at playing, writing and producing for it. I've learned plenty of lessons in the process of putting it together.

This is stand-alone, but if you actually like it, chuck in a quid or two, or send me an email at danielegan538@gmail.com. If people actually email and say nice things, I might even release another one.


released September 13, 2013

Dan Egan - all instruments, vocals, most lyrics
Rupert Egan - misc. lyrical credits
Matt Lowne - Album Art
TheRiffGod - Radical Meek Logo



all rights reserved


Radical Meek Leicestershire, UK

Radical Meek is a one man death metal project from Leicester, by Dan Egan.

For psychedelic rock, check out his band Aurigae, also on Bandcamp.

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Track Name: The Woods Themselves
I hide behind the cloak of night
'Neath the leaves, away from sight
Cursed by the demon's spell
Dooming us to eternal hell

The words are read, now we are free
The evil dead set unto thee
Wracked by the need to feed
For your crimes now you will bleed

Beg and plead, you cannot yield
No escape, your fate is sealed
Not a man who could be repelled,
Your killer is us, the woods themselves

Through the trees, you try to run
Praying for the rising sun
But it's witching hour, you're out of luck
Dead by dawn, you are fucked

Snared by bracken, you're taken down
Into the mud, your body is ground
Quickly turn from brown to red
As the savage grove severs your head

Stabbed and burned and limbs removed
I should be dead but still I move
Buried alive in the hallowed soil
But it's not over, I still recoil

My shallow grave fails to keep me in
I soon return, you cannot win
For all my wounds I'm scarcely maimed
You scream and flee, and I chase again

You started this with an evil tome
And now it ends as we chew your bones
Lie in wait for a thousand years
For our next meal to wander near
Track Name: Lord
Mountains crumble at my feet
The ground will bow to me
Earth shook my by mere passing
I rule over thee

Cross over, the arid hillside
Taking shelter where I may
In my wake an acrid wasteland

I lead no army
I'm but a man
Cast out by mob rule
Tarred by my clan

Now I can't be held by grave or chain
Now let loose, my blade will not be stayed
The crown of worms that adorns my head should tell you that I am

A bag of teeth to collect my spoils
On my approach, the innocent flee
All I'll leave are villages burning
The victim's bones will be Armour to me

By the elder council I'm deplored,
But by ticks and leeches I'm adored
The naysayers hope to hunt me down
I will meet them with my sword

Curse my makers, for their injustice, they will... Fall!

I was destroyed by a frightened child,
who sicced upon me twenty men
I've been giften a chance at vengeance
It is my mission to be their end
Track Name: Humans as Habitats
Humans, as habitats
concealed in a living cavity
Sleeper cell, a furtive abettor
of viral potency, certain death

Marked by the black hand
Human oblivious to the perilous contagion
Bacterium malignant
The reaper cells divide

Foreign bodies, strengthen their hold
Antibodies fail to fight back
Very soon, the symptoms appear
The vicious breed will thrive

No hope to combat infection
This epidemic will not be stopped
Conventional treatments failed
Virii proliferates

There is no hope for a cure
There is no vaccine prepared
Doctors stumped, the patients are dying
Another victim claimed

Ever deadly, even in sleep
Worse still as the virus awakes
Living cells engage in mitosis
The cancer spreads throughout

The suff'rer crying, the family weeps
They know now, all they have is time
There is nothing left to do
Their fate is sealed

No survivors, the work is done
Unnatural selection, a species gone
No one remains, no living few
Earth is cleansed, to start anew

They are the warlords, the living end
And they will spread, spread, spread!
All life's their victim, unlucky subjects
They will not stop til we're dead, dead, dead!


Fear the bacteria!
Track Name: Station 13
Dubbed assistant, but it's not for me
Club some heads in, steal ID
Through security, to steal a taser
Then storm the bridge for the captain's laser

Stunned and cuffed, something's wrong
Stripped and beated, dragged along
Bored of your shit, but the brig's destroyed
The crew eject you into the void

Chaos rules station 13
Gibbed3 awash with autistic teens
Shit filled server, every wall is brown
Plama burns the abused clown

Griefers disrupt the illogical system
HoP cries out for admin assistance
The shuttle is leaving and the traitor wins
But the cycle repeats, another round begins

Out of nowhere, missles fly
controlled chaos, all will die
I scream "ei nathh!" your flesh turns to ash
No one's prepared for WIZARD ATTACK.

You got too close, its over goon
Just one spell, now you're a clune
From ship's captain to demented fool
Its over now, the grinder calls

Desiccated, dried out corpse
I have your fluids, no remorse
Changling aboard, no escape
You can't find me hidden in space

Suspicious janitor, who's blood recoils
Changling spotted, disguise is foiled
It is surrounded, batons swing
Get away from the wretched thing

I am surrounded, I transform
Acid spitting horror form
Announce the change with a piercing shriek
I'll toxic sting all in my reach

Close quarters combat, redshirts down
Torn to pieces, in blood they're drowned
Assistance required in medical bay
You can't have my DNA!

Hidden in the science quarters
Supplies recieved through the transporter
Plasma tanks and lots of air
A volatile plan has been prepared

Charges primed and set to blow
I will make the station glow
The spinning chairs can spread no warning
All will join the ghosts by morning

Suprises hidden throughout the base
The bombs are hidden and the marks effaced
Security outsmarted by a small distraction
I, the traitor, will soon take action

Accosted by a lone white knight
Quickly calls others to fight
Detonator help up high
"Walk away or all will die"